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Our company

Golzak: Global leader in mobile apps, loved worldwide for diverse, top-rated portfolio.

Values: Foundation for our Business

At Golzak, we prioritize user value above all. Our affordable services adapt to evolving needs, fostering positive relationships. We value users, employees, suppliers, partners, and society. Our vision is rooted in fostering meaningful relationships and creating value for all stakeholders.


​Golzak uses its expertise to boost user profitability. As tech innovators, we provide solutions for over 40 million users, delivering consistent value through our commitment to innovation.

Expertise: Core ability in our Business

Approac​h: Atmosphere for our Business

At Golzak, we streamline business processes using clear rules to guide decision-making for managers and technologists. Embedding these rules into automation boosts efficiency and productivity. Yet, adapting to changes swiftly is essential. Our approach ensures agility amid evolving business landscapes.