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We are masters in our craft.


Our company

Golzak is a globally recognized leader in the mobile app industry, with a dedicated user base spanning the globe. Our diverse portfolio of highly acclaimed apps caters to the needs of diverse user groups and has earned us a reputation for excellence on an international scale.

Values: Foundation for our Business

At Golzak, we prioritize delivering value to our users above all else. Our affordable services are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our users and foster positive relationships. In addition to valuing our users, we also prioritize the value of our employees, suppliers, channel partners, alliance partners, management, and society as a whole. Our corporate vision is centered on the belief that a company’s success is rooted in its internal and external relationships, and we strive to create meaningful value for all stakeholders.


Expertise: Core ability in our Business

Golzak leverages its expertise, skills, and knowledge to drive profitability for our users. As a technology and product innovator, we are able to offer innovative solutions that cater to the needs of our over 40 million users. Our commitment to innovation allows us to consistently deliver value to our user base.

Approach: Atmosphere for our Business

At Golzak, we use a business rules approach to formalize and clarify critical business processes for both managers and technologists. This involves creating clear and concise statements about how the business handles and uses information to make decisions. By embedding business logic into automated processes, we are able to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. However, these processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors when changes are needed. In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, it is crucial to be able to adapt quickly to external shifts. Our business rules approach allows us to meet these challenges and stay agile in the face of change.


7 Coronation Road Dephna House London NW10 7PQ, UK.


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