Parental Control

A Free app that lets you browse the web safely by blocking millions of porn sites and explicit content


Are you looking for how to protect your children from the inappropriate content?? Are you tired of wasting time watching porn videos ??


Block porn search results

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Fast browsing and browsing safe


Ease of use and real time protection

Block porn websites

Browsing organized with Tabs

The protection from porn websites is automatically activated & and porn websites database is weekly updated for better filtering. 


100% Free

No payment needed. No credit card information needed. No trial periods offered


Activate protection automatically by just opening the app!


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Proxynel, Blue Proxy, Anti Porn

This app is literally literally the best app ever, when I use Google thier is always a inappropriate thing that comes up, which I don’t really want to see.. but then my friend introduced me to this amazing app so secure and safe for your child or even you. SERIOUSLY you have to download this app. ?…”

Proxynel, Blue Proxy, Anti Porn

It is really good. Blocked all porn or hentai. I would definitely recommend people to use it because if your dealing with porn addiction. It solved that. I am so happy.

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